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Getting Your THC

THC is the potent part of the cannabis plant that has psychoactive effects and creates a high or feeling of well-being. It is similar in makeup to CBD, and it's one of the more than 400 chemicals that are found in cannabis. It can be found in several great cannabis products, and countless people enjoy it in edibles, by vaping, through smoking, concentrates, and in tinctures, among other ways. In the Fort Bragg area, we offer many ways to use cannabis and THC. Knowing how much THC is in a product can help you with finding the dosage that is right for you. It isn't always the amount of cannabis you take in that creates your experience- it's the amount of THC in it. It is extremely helpful to buy your THC items from a dispensary that lets you know just how much THC is in each product so that you can experiment to find the sweet spot.

For those who want to inhale their THC, but don't like to smoke it, there is always the vape. Vaporizing cannabis extract with a vape is a great way to enjoy your THC without the need for any burning, smell, or ashes left behind. Many people like to vape at the end of the day to relax while others will micro-dose throughout their day. Having the vape option is great for when you want to have your vape with you in an environment that you can't smoke in. They are discreet and offer consistency of dosage.

Vape cartridges have a concentrated oil derived from cannabis that is then heated up and vaporized so that you can inhale it. Each dose should be a puff that takes from two to three seconds. It's easy to discover how much it takes for you to be happy with your experience, and each cartridge has a clear percentage of THC inside.

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