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Worthy of Kings


          On 28 October 1489 King Henry VIII instructed the officers of his Royal Mint to produce “a new money of gold.” England had circulated gold coinage for almost a century and a half but the new coin was to be the largest coin yet seen in England, both in size and value, and was to be called a Sovereign. It well merited such a splendid name, boasting an enthroned portrait of the king on one side and the the royal coat of arms on the other. Large and handsome, It marked the first time that the monetary unit of one Pound was given a physical shape. Originally weighing nearly 16 grams of 23 karat gold, the Sovereign was circulated as currency, but its size and grandeur made it a tangible symbol of royal opulence. Without a nominal value on it's face however, it served more to emulate the wealth and stability of the crown

than to serve any monetary need.

          So, not only did the Sovereign represent purity and opulence, it was also very valuable. A great hunk of intricate gold, minted by the the most reputable source, the Crown. It was the standard you could trust. You knew that it was 23 karat, you knew exactly what it weighed and you knew exactly what it was worth.

One Pound! Like King Henry VIII we chose “Sovereign,” because we want to be the benchmark of luxury, quality and purity. We want you to know that every time you purchase our cannabis you're getting the highest quality available. You can trust in the knowledge that our products are free from pathogens, pests and pesticides and are held to the highest standards in the industry.  

          When you see the Sovereign emblem, we want you to know that the product bearing its mark is Worthy of Kings.

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