BCC CA Adult Use & Medicinal -  Retailer License No: C10-0000271-LIC

BCC CA Adult Use & Medicinal  - Distributor License No: C11-0000020- LIC


 Fort Bragg, CA
 Cultivating premium craft cannabis in Mendocino for over 20 years.
Alternative & Holistic Health Services


Est. 1998, Sovereign has been cultivating premium, craft cannabis in Mendocino for over 20 years.  We have striven to produce the finest flowers and cannabis products on the market and the numerous High Times Cannabis
Cup awards we have under our belt are demonstrative of our success.  It is of the utmost importance to us that our
product is clean and free from pesticides, pests, pathogens and solvents.  We feel we helped lead the industry in
this regard by beginning to voluntarily test our products back in 2008 when the first cannabis testing facility opened
in Oakland. This was 10 years before testing became an industry requirement in 2018. When you see the Sovereign
Emblem we want you to know that the product that bears its mark is of the finest quality and meets these


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